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Make Calls Overseas, Connect with family, co-workers, or overseas businesses with our Zoom clone script that gives you high definition voice calling. Collaborate With people At A Time, Our cutting-edge video conferencing solution lets you connect and collaborate with up to participants at a time. Instant Chat, Seamlessly chat and share. Web version of zoom clone made using Express JS, Node JS, Peer JS and Socket IO. – GitHub – Shouraya/Zoom-Clone: Web version of zoom clone made using Express JS, . Nov 11,  · Wanderson-A-Timoteo / zoom-clone. Zoom Clone, este aplicativo tem um bate-papo de mensagens, recursos de comunicação de vídeo e áudio. Vídeo sob demanda, conexões peer-to-peer com WebRTC, poderá extrair os binários dos vídeos gerados e salvar localmente. Aplicação % web, utilizando API do Browser a getUserMedia além de criar.

– Zoom clone script download


Request for Demo. Available For. You can easily manage your Video Conferencing like Zoom with easy-to-use admin console, real-time tracking, overview of ongoing ride, reports, stats etc. What Is Zoom Clone? Feature Packed Functionalities of Our Zoom Clone – Complete Teleconferencing Solution Look at these unique functions offered by the Zoom clone application for your business benefits: 1.

Online meeting This allows users to interact with each other by activating HD video conferencing with Splendid options.

Conference room Explore the true potential by utilizing the video conference room feature that offers unlimited interactive facilities. Webinar Universities, businesses and others can effectively do seminars through this enhanced platform through remotely. Global telephone service This function acts as an encouragement to increase instant user interactions from anywhere at any time in the world. Share the screen You can share a number of screens containing PowerPoint presentations, data fields, or instructional videos with the screen sharing function.

High quality voice call Our video conferencing software suite facilitates premium quality voice calls from anywhere and corner of the world. Share screen Make more interactive and efficient meetings by allowing users to share their system screens live with other meeting participants.

Scheduled meetings Let the user plan a previous meeting and send a meeting to invite to other users with their agenda, date, and time via email or message. The Prime Admin Panel for Hassle-free Management of Zoom like solution Intuitive Admin Dashboard Admin dashboard is set to help the admin effectively manage the video conferencing software platform and overcome any problems that might arise.

Create sub-domains Admin can create a sub-domain profile to enable the last to manage platform specific operations while limiting access to other parts. Multi-Payment Integration This application allows multiple payment gateways to applications for users to make payments through a convenient way. Create sub-admin Admin is allowed to make sub-admin with limited access to managing the certain modules. Advanced Features of Video Conferencing Software – Zoom Clone Application Look at the advanced features that you can apply to your video conferencing software similar to zoom.

End-to-end encryption This application ensures high-level security by providing end-to-end encryption when accessed from any device anywhere. Fine-tuning This application has an option that allows users to make it look very interesting and neat in video calls. Seamless connections Connect with friends, colleagues, employees, or anyone with the cloud video meeting application such as zoom clones and make your moments more feasible in real-time, from any smart device.

Custom Solutions that you need for your startup. Customize Zoom script Unlike other third party Zoom Script vendors, we provide complete customization facility for all our products, scripts and apps. Part of the beauty of this Zoom Script by NCrypted Solutions is that it is easy to customize – now there are several reasons why this product is easily customizable: Click Here to Customize.

Concepts We work on proof of concept POC , minimum viable product MVP , prototypes by assessing market size and segment, target audience, growth potential, etc.

Design We will narrow down on the typical features required along with the UI and user experience that can engage your target audience. Development The development would be in accordance with your custom Zoom clone requirements. Quality assurance To ensure product efficiency, we carry out unit testing, integration and regression testing, which are complimentary for your assignment. Launch We well help you with deployment assistance on your server to help you go live. We have the technology part covered for you Zoom development is a complex process and comes with a lot of moving parts.

You are in good company! Over startups trust NCrypted with their business. View More. Are you ready to become the next million dollar startup? Legal Information Please note that the use of the phrase “Zoom Clone” is for marketing purpose only as this is how the web development industry refers to building a n Video Conferencing website similar to Zoom or another site. Just got in touch with our business team – and You? We use cookies to enhance your experience.

Learn more OK. We are always here to support you even after the purchase is completed. We wholeheartedly accept if any rejection happens after app submission. It is important for it to have your logo and company name everywhere. In the admin panel you can remove our name and logo from everywhere visible and replace it with yours. In Zoom Clone, We provide additional payment integration to send and receive the money through crypto wallet.

Adding crypto-wallet is done with extra cost. Why Zoom Clone App? Online Meetings The users can seamlessly interact with each other through high-quality video conferencing capability. Screen Sharing The users of Zoom Clone can share their screen with or without the audio to the connected users. Instant Messaging The Zoom Clone allows the users to stay connected by allowing instant messages among the connected users.

Webinars In our Zoom Clone Script, the users can connect multiple users simultaneously and conduct webinars that are fully secured for the users of our Zoom Clone. Raise Hand The users can use this feature while the meeting is going on.

Schedule Meeting The users can schedule their meeting in our Zoom Clone. Screen Recording The Zoom Clone has the build-in screen recording features, which is more helpful for the users to record the meeting.

Live Document Editing Live Document Editing is the most important feature for business users, where they can upload and edit Documents, Ppt, Text Files, in real-time coherent with the video meeting.

Youtube Video Sharing TThe users can share videos from Youtube and make the session more interactive. How We Unique? Free Server Installation Once the purchase is completed, we install our script to your server at free of cost. But by this clone script you can build an app like zoom without having special coding skills. This script will build an similar app like zoom, but with some different features, layout, icons , names etc.

What is a Clone Script? How does it works?? Armed with clone apps, we help you load your innovative ideas to pull the trigger and shoot in the direction of rapid growth. Angelika Candie. It offers different solutions like video chatting, audio chatting, cloud storage, cloud calling, and hassle-free organizing of webinars and meetings. Zoom also offers customized solutions for industries like education, healthcare, fitness, and government agencies.

Entrepreneurs aiming to develop a state-of-the-art video conferencing app like zoom have to possess good knowledge of the current industry trends, formulate a solid business strategy, and be ready to incur a huge investment and time.

The multi-pronged procedure to implement for creating an app like Zoom is. A Video conferencing app like zoom will help the entrepreneur to capture a strong position in the market attracting millions of individuals and businesses who will use it daily. It ensures a consistent inflow of revenue leading to a greater return on investment.

The previous year has put the world into unforeseen circumstances where the entire earth population was obligated to stay indoors while the social gathering places like work and educational organisations and other entertainment centres were closed. So an alternative has been looked at that supports working at remote locations and staying far from other people. So they bought their job and studies to the online platforms. To ensure work is running smoothly and to have meetings with the officials, the office employees opted for video conferencing.

But it had its disadvantages as it does not support more than 10 people. Zoom is a video conferencing app that supports more than users in a single call.

This has been used in many places such as office conference meetings, online class for students, virtual inauguration ceremony, graduation ceremony etc. Turnkeytown develops a zoom clone that offers reliable connection and video quality during video conferencing with as many members as possible.

There are many steps involved in developing an app. Let us look at them in detail. Also, there are two types of versions as android and iOS versions. One can choose anyone out of them to develop their app. Step 2: Define the features. One has to decide on the number of features that are to be included in the app.

The following are the essential features in apps like zoom. Step 3: Development process. The development of a zoom clone involves two sectors. They are:. The back end development involves the integration of features, buttons and other necessities required by the app for a smooth performance. Video conferencing apps like zoom are still on-demand as it serves many essential functionalities that creates a better relationship between their organisations.

Also, the world is uncertain about the time it will resume back to normal life so people will be relying on these apps for a while. Video conferencing is a virtual communication between one or more users.

Moreover, the integration of advanced technologies like the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and cloud-based virtual reality with this video communication solution is expected to drive the growth of this industry in the future.

Notably, many corporate events get cancelled due to the outbreak of the Covid As a result, they focus on an alternative solution. A video conferencing app like Zoom has gained a positive response among the corporate companies in this situation.

In , Zoom had an additional 2. Despite these, enforcement agencies and governments are also focusing on carrying out their operations using this solution. Say, for instance, the Supreme court of India has issued a notice to the regional courts to conduct their operations via the video conferencing solution.

In this current scenario, most enterprises have adopted the Work from Home culture to prevent virus transmission. Well, the best video-conferencing solution makes the process simple and easy.

It is an affordable video conferencing software that is compatible with desktop and mobile devices. It provides a wide range of features, including HD video and audio. It can accommodate participants at once. Users have the option to save the meetings locally or to the cloud. Moreover, meetings can be escalated into one-on-one calls. GoToMeeting offers screen sharing, audio, and video conferencing. Mobile-friendliness makes this app apart from the other video conferencing apps.


– Zoom clone script download


A futuristic solution with our white label Zoom clone to ease Online classes, educational webinars, group sessions, zoom clone script download meetings, discussions and much more. With utmost customization zoom clone script download to infuse amiable features zoom clone script download unbound functionally, develop and launch your zoom clone script download conferencing app right away. The year zoom clone script download been an unprecedented one by many accounts.

The COVID pandemic threw a wrench in every business plan and has forced companies around the globe to reinvent the way they do their business.

With employees from small start-ups to the biggest conglomerates in the world working remotely from their homes, the usage of video conferencing solutions like Zoom saw an unprecedented increase. Increase the efficiency of your business and keep all your employees on the same page with our Zoom clone app solutions. The Zoom clone app solution is a download the zoom software video conferencing solution that allows users to hold virtual meetings, presentations, audio conversations, workshops, webinars, and more.

With an array of useful features in-built into the application, our Zoom app clone is a power-packed solution that allows you to run your business efficiently from the comfort of your home. Invest in our Zoom clone script and stay ahead of the competition around you.

Yes, yes, and yes. In the modern age of doing business, companies should utilize all the tools at their disposal to ensure that their business is never affected by any external factor. There are numerous reasons when working from home becomes the only available option such as unfavorable weather conditions, employees suffering zoom clone script download illnesses, traffic congestion, and more. You can empower your employees to continue their work without any delay from the safety and comfort of their homes!

There is virtually no zoom clone script download that has been left untouched by the chaos brought on by the COVID pandemic. In every corner of the world, посмотреть еще have been forced to close their gates due to fear of the spread of infection or the government imposed lockdowns.

For institutions like factories, there is no viable alternative and they have understandably taken a big hit. But for corporate offices and those lucky enough to avail a work from home opportunity for their employees, the saving grace has been video conferencing app like Zoom.

Solutions like Zoom witness tremendous growth in downloads and usage across the world. Video conferencing was the only way for companies to keep their operations on track and enable their employees to continue their work without any hindrance. According to industry experts, the first month of lockdown worldwide alone saw a record 62 million downloads of video conferencing applications.

This has resulted in virtual meeting solutions like Zoom to a new pinnacle in their success, with their valuation growing manifolds! You might be wondering whether our Zoom Clone is the right choice for your business. Wonder no further, for this premium video conferencing solution can be modified to fit the needs of businesses of any kind! Our Zoom Clone apps allow you to take care of all the different facets of your business.

Everything that happens on a daily basis inside the office can be done with efficiency from remote locations with our Airmeet clone app solution. Meetings are a mainstay in every office around the world.

With the Zoom clone, you can now hold virtual meetings without the need for being in the same room as each other. Online seminars or webinars can be carried out seamlessly with our Zoom clone app. With the ability to handle upto a hundred active users and a thousand viewers at the same time, users will be able to go ahead with the webinar they have worked so hard for.

From projection meetings to monthly reports, presentations are a common occurrence in every business across the globe. The Zoom ссылка на страницу can handle zoom clone script download presentations filled with graphs, videos, charts, and more! Throughout the working day, there are a thousand different reasons to connect with peers and co-workers. With the Zoom clone, anyone in the office zoom clone script download only a push of a button away.

Need to send a friend, co-worker, or a loved one a message? No problem! With the Zoom clone, users can send direct messages to anyone on their list quickly and easily. Sometimes screen sharing is the only way to clearly get your point across. Whether its a report that needs to be verified or a funny meme for a quick laugh, users on the Zoom clone can share their screens effortlessly with others. New Users can register on the Zoom Clone in just a few seconds.

Quick registration capabilities have shown to boost user conversion zoom clone script download. Users can adjust and edit the profile settings according zoom clone script download their preferences. Users can start a meeting per set parameters like public or private, choose the duration, and more.

Users can set a customized background for the meeting. Options such as images, color blocks, and more are available. Users can share the meeting code to other users on their friend list.

Useful for getting multiple users to join the meeting. Users can schedule a meeting ahead of time and send a notification or a читать полностью to other participants. Users can view and choose to accept or decline any incoming invitations for a meeting.

Admins zoom clone script download view and manage the list of users registered under their organization. Admins can view and manage all the on-going and past meetings, webinars, conferences, and more. Admins can quickly get in touch with a customer care professional should they require any assistance. Admins of an organization have complete control over the operations that fall under them. They can limit options, alter settings, and more.

Admins can send real-time notifications to all the users in that organization. This can save the trouble of contacting users individually. Data on the Airmeet clone is protected via end-to-end encryption. Users need not have to worry zoom clone script download data breaches or leaks. Users can get access to больше на странице extensive list of virtual background skins apart from the usual available options.

Users can take notes in the form bulletin points with the note-taking options. They can also clip certain segments of the video conferences to be viewed later. With the polling option, hosts can present a poll to the audience which can be voted on. Users can choose to leave a meeting if they are a participant or end a meeting if they are the zoom clone script download.

Hosts can view detailed information on any present or past meeting. Details such as duration of the meeting, number of users, participation level, and more can be learned. As part of the onboarding process, we sit down with the client to understand their requirements and needs.

This is the time to convey exactly what you are looking for from our services. Post the client meeting, we will formulate a plan to achieve the requirements in an effective and streamlined manner. Our designers will design zoom clone script download easy-to-use interface that is highly pleasing to the eye. Making a good first impression is a must! The brain of the operation is the back-end. Our expert developers will outfit the app with all the zoom clone script download and functionality needed to make a splash in the market.

Once the testing engineers give the green light, the app is ready to be launched zoom clone script download both the App Store and the Google Play Store. All our solutions are tailored to your exact specifications. Get a highly individualized product that your users will love. We take care of everything in the development process from start to finish. From design to development to launch, we have the required personnel to meet all your demands. We zoom windows 8 download a robust support system that is always there when you need it.

Any questions or concerns? No problem, we will address them! All our solutions are priced at a highly affordable price that falls within your budget. World-class solutions without compromising on the price. Run your business online with the renowned mobile app development company, Inoru, who has years of experience building mobile apps for the gamut of businesses. Disclaimer: INORU is a mobile app development company wherein we regulate businesses without offending any individual, company, or organization.

INORU is an app development company that conducts and regulates its business without disregard or offense to тоже install zoom on windows 10 home ничего individual, group or organization. Get Free Quote Cost Calculator. What is the Zoom Clone Script? Zoom clone script download a Zoom Clone – Is it a good idea?

Reinvent the way you do business with our must-have Zoom clone app solutions! But for corporate offices and those lucky enough to avail a work from home opportunity for their employees, the saving grace has been video conferencing app like Zoom Solutions like Zoom witness tremendous growth in downloads and usage across the world.

Capitalize on this opportunity before its too late! What can you do with our Zoom Clone? Virtual Meetings Meetings are a mainstay in every office around the world. HD Zoom clone script download Online seminars or webinars can be carried zoom clone script download seamlessly with our Zoom clone app. Seamless Presentations From projection meetings to monthly reports, presentations are zoom clone script download common occurrence in every business across the globe.

Direct Messaging Need to send a friend, co-worker, or a loved one a message? Screen Shares Sometimes screen sharing is the only way to clearly get your point across. User Panel Admin panel Advanced Features. Mobile Chat inverted with iPhone 6 Created with Sketch. Client Requirements As part of the onboarding process, we sit down with the client zoom clone script download understand their requirements and needs.