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Card Funds Haj and Umra for Thousands of Piligrims

Zakat House Praises KFH for Allowing Clients to Donate through Al-Khair Prepaid Card

Director of Senior Benefactors Communication Office at Zakat House, Dr. Khaled Al-Shatti praised Kuwait Finance House (KFH) for its significant role in assuming the social responsibility, emphasizing that KFH works in collaboration and coordination with the official authorities in efforts to achieve solidarity that contributes in developing and serving the society.

During honouring KFH represented by Group General Manager Private Banking, Waleed Al-Mandani, in presence of Senior Manager Group Card Support, Zaid Alkhateeb and Manager Shariah Audit, Saleh Al-Ghanem, Al-Shatti marked the occasion of funding Haj for a number of pilgrims through Al-Khair card. He commended the cooperation and partnership between the two sides expressing his hope for the continuation of this partnership for further expansion in the upcoming period.

Meanwhile, Waleed Al-Mandani said that KFH launches Al-Khair card in an attempt to help clients to control their personal expenses, and help the poor to go to Hajj and Umra. Every spend using this card is helping a noble cause by sending needy people to Hajj and Umra without clients having to pay any extra fees except the card issuance fees.

“(KFH) has made it possible for 2000 underprivileged Muslims to perform their Hajj duty through its Al-Khair prepaid card initiative within 5 years of its launch. Under the initiative, 0.25 per cent of the card’s return is set aside as donation for people who do not have the means to perform Haj. Anyone above 18 years of age having a KFH account is eligible for Al-Khair Card. There is no need for credit history, nor any restrictions on the basis of salary or account balance” added Al-Mandani.

For his part, Zaid Alkhateeb indicated that Al-Khair Chip Prepaid Card abounds with benefits such as amazing discounts at a plethora of merchant locations, and an ideal way to control expenses not to mention accepted at all electronic Points of Sale in Kuwait and around the world. This card goes beyond banking transactions to perform a noble cause that ensures harmony between KFH and clients aiming at reinforcing and promoting philanthropy in the society.