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Zain awarded ‘Best Mobile Operator’ – Co named ‘Best Internet Service Provider’ in Kuwait for 2017

For the sixth time, Zain, the leading telecommunication company in Kuwait, was awarded ‘Best Mobile Operator’ and ‘Best Internet Service Provider’ in Kuwait for the year 2017 from Service Hero, the creators of Kuwait’s only customer satisfaction index. The company ranked first among the telecommunications sector in two categories for achieving the highest customer satisfaction scores by providing the best quality service standards.

The awards ceremony, held in Symphony Style Hotel, witnessed the attendance of many private sector leaders from across various fields. The award came after an in-depth evaluation by an independent advisory council, which recognized Zain’s role in launching advanced programs and exceptional promotions for its customer base, as well as playing a leading role in the development of the telecommunications sector.

Zain received the ‘Best Mobile Operator’ award and ‘Best Internet Service Provider’ award for achieving high rates of customer satisfaction. The recognition from Service Hero for the sixth time demonstrates Zain’s commitment in providing its customers with the highest levels of service.