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Turkey’s Black Sea Region is attracting investors

The Ordu – Giresun Airport, which is the first airport of Turkey and Europe that is constructed on the sea has increased the investment demand to Black Sea region of Turkey. Since the region is easy to reach now with the airport, the foreign investors are looking for ways to make invest. Especially Arab investors come into prominence. One of the wealthiest families of Gulf, the family of Dubai Sheikh El Maktum is also planning to make investment in Black Sea Region. Al Maktum is searching for the lands to make tourism investment.

Black Sea Businessmen Association (KAIAD) Chairman Murat Camadan said there is a big increase on the amount of investors that want to make investment on tourism sector. Camadan said the airport eases the transportation to the region and now it is possible to come Ordu from Istanbul and Ankara only in 45 minutes.

Camadan said “In the previous years, the biggest problem of those who wanted to make investment here was the transportation. No one wanted to come here because there was no airport. Now, businessmen come to Ordu for one day and attend their meetings easily. Even the airport is so new, we see many investors in the region. These visits will turn to investments and provide employment to the local community,”

Murat Camadan gave information about the tourism of Black Sea, too: “The tourism sector in Black Sea region will liven up and the amount of tourists in Ordu will reach to 1 million in few years. We are working to develop tableland tourism, winter tourism, adventure tourism, eco tourism, water sports, health tourism and hunting tourism. We think that tourism sector will increase the life standards of the people of Ordu and bring new business opportunities.”