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Turkey-Sharjah promote cooperation and investment climate

Sharjah Commission for Investment and Development (Shurooq) in cooperation with the Turkish Business Council prepared  business meeting at the seat of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. it was attended by more than 40 Turkish businessmen and representatives of major Turkish companies operating in the country also by Both Erdem Ozan the Turkish Consul General in Dubai, and Marwan bin Jassim Al Serkal executive director of the Sharjah Investment and Development.

The aim of the meeting was to discuss ways to strengthen cooperation between Sharjah and Turkey to upgrading the economic relations and partnership between them. moreover to introduce for the Turkish investors the unique investment environment in the Emirate of Sharjah.

Erdem Ozan Turkey and the UAE business relations are promising

Erdem Ozan The Turkish Consul in UAE said that Turkey and UAE business relations are very promising in addition to large commercial exchanges with total Turkish exports to the UAE $ 4.6 billion 16.9 billion dirhams. while the UAE’s exports to Turkey $ 2.3 billion 8.45 billion dirhams. while the exceeding volume of investments is mutual between Turkey and UAE now its cross 12 billion$ 44 billion dirhams.

Erdem added that: Sharjah is considered one of the most important strategic partners for Turkey, the growth of business relations are mutual and the investment opportunities for companies and businessmen from both sides is available, there are many sectors in which Turkish companies operate in Sharjah, including energy, products of hydrocarbon industries food, building materials, and others, while other sectors represented in the emirate a very promising opportunities for Turkish companies such as retail and hospitality.

Marwan bin Jassim Al Serkal executive director of the Sharjah Investment

Marwan bin Jassim Al Serkal Executive Director of the Sharjah Investment and Development Shurooq confirmed that The UAE-Turkish relations are considered a model of international relations at various levels like trade, economic, and cultural. The UAE embraces more than 400 Turkish companies and about 10 thousand Turkish citizens living in the UAE. the relations between two countries has taken a tendency to rise since 2010 where the two sides agreed to inclose trade relations through implementation a number of projects and promote ways of cooperation, in addition to increasing trade exchange between the UAE and Turkey to approximately 6.9 billion dollars 25.3 billion dirhams in 2015.

The meeting summary

Khalid Bin Butti Al Hajri Director General of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Said that: The establishment of such activities and meetings produce a positive impact on efforts to develop relations between the two countries.

Turkey and Sharjah share valuable habits, unite history and one religion. we are here to seek direct investment opportunities in Sharjah, and what can Turkish companies offer to Sharjah, as have our companies a great experience in a variety of sectors including, food industry, energy, construction, engineering, defense industries, and others. We will work together to wealthy and prosperity of our countries.