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Have you tried this yet? I was wondering with the 5. If not supported, any eta on when a release will support this feature? Zoom Phone Appliance user guide — Zoom Support. Yeah same experience with the companion. We were always able to join or elevate to a meeting on the zoom phone, but in 5.

There still doesnt seem to be a way to have the phone just join for audio, but only to switch it from your desktop to the phone. I had checked the user guide for the Zoom phone appliance earlier in the week and the documentation has not been updated to cover the new features released in 5. We are anxiously awaiting the enhancement announced at Zoomtopia to able to split Call Handling at the User-level for the desktop app and Zoom Phone appliance apps both currently listed as one generic Zoom app , and to be able to click-to-dial from the the computer desktop web sites, emails, address book, etc and have the desk phone Zoom Phone Appliance dial the number and initiate the call.

But we heat that the appliance will be the be all end all and looks to be extremely competent in the market compared to others, but handing out one of these phones and not being able to use it for audio in a zoom meeting will frustrate our users and make them feel like taking a step back from using Skype for Business with the polcyom cx usb desk phone.

This is the only must have feature we are waiting on to deploy out. Thank you for your reply. It is interesting to share with someone else who uses the Zoom Phone Appliances. This is enabled by default and lets you transfer meeting to your phone and zoom phone appliance.

It seems to work for all meetings that are active, not just ones that are on your calendar. When this setting is disabled, zoom phone appliance, as well as your cellphone show a join for the meeting, but only if it is in your calendar.

Is there anyway for the join button to show for any meeting that is in progress, like the transfer option? The transfer is great, but most of the time you still want the meeting on your primary device, and just want to join the zoom phone appliance in just for audio. Zoom Community. You can start a whiteboard session, and then invite others to a meeting where they can view and annotate the whiteboard.

Workspace Reservation When Workspace Reservation is enabled, the iPad can be used as a Zoom Rooms appliance at a desk, allowing users to display the status of the desk, make on the spot reservations, check in with a QR code, as well turning into a personal collaboration device for Zoom services once checked in. Users can engage face to face with a virtual receptionist anywhere an in-person receptionist could be – at the office front desk, hotel lobby, or other location.

Users can also view floor maps, and reserve desks and rooms right on the Kiosk. Simply install the app and follow the on-screen instructions to select a mode and activate.

Have a question? This app makes it easy to remotely control a zoom room. We have several zoom rooms and several people with iPads using this app; we would like to be able to have different admins be able to connect with the controller controller app to the zoom room they are using. It looks like Version 5. Very disappointing. Makes the app not very useful. It has work flawlessly until now. The new app Version 5.

Go Zoom! Impressive response and delivery. This app makes it easy to remotely control a Zoom Room device which now includes devices such as Facebook Portal so many can use this device without getting close to it. Message 1 of 90 5, Views. Reply 4. Accepted Solution. March Hey, everyone. Message 18 of 90 6, Views. Reply All Replies. March tweed95 This happened to me today. Did you manage to fix it?

Message 2 of 90 4, Views. Reply 0. March Hi there, phorty78 and tweed95 Have you both tried reinstalling the app? Message 3 of 90 4, Views. Message 4 of 90 4, Views. Reply 1. March This hasn’t worked for me either. Message 5 of 90 4, Views. March tweed95 phorty78 Are you using an Android or Apple device? What version of the app do you have?


Zoom companion app.We’re now downloading Zoom …

It sounds like the feature you are mentioning is the ability to transfer your current Zoom meeting to your Zoom phone client (an app located. Using Marvin you can take notes during meetings, import Zoom recordings, annotate them, analyze, comment, and share recordings. Marvin helps create a repository. › FIFA › comments › has_the_ui_for_anyone_elses_com.


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We were always able to join or elevate to a meeting on the zoom phone, but in 5. Message 3 of 90 4, Views. Easily connect to participants on mobile devices, desktops, and in other rooms across a variety of по этому адресу. March This hasn’t worked for me either. I’m using an android. Hi Vgonzalez, Zoom companion app order to compabion your Zoom meeting zoom companion app a mobile device or phone appliance, your account needs an audio conferencing plan add apl audio-plan This enables joining from the computer for video and screen share and the phone for audio only.