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Kingdom to host Brain Forum in December

Kingdom to host Brain Forum in December

Some of the world’s top inspirational thinkers and pioneers in the field of brain research and personalized health care will come together for a two-day conference from Dec. 3 at Laylaty Hall in Jeddah.

Being held with the support of Minister of Interior Prince Mohammed bin Naif, the Brain Forum — a first of its kind symposium in the Middle East — is organized by W Science in collaboration with King Abdulaziz University (KAU), King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), the Saudi Society of Neurology and NeuroPro AG Switzerland.

Globally renowned scientists will present their latest discoveries and hold open discussions on the future of brain research and related health care challenges at the event, which will focus on “Challenging the future.”

New tools, technologies as well as other personalized health care innovations to improve diagnoses, management and treatment of brain disorders will also be presented at the forum. The two-day event will provide physicians, scientists and business executives from both the public and private sectors with opportunities to exchange ideas, to share thoughts and to offer help to those facing challenges in their communities, worldwide.

The W Science initiative was launched by Walid Juffali to support outstanding scientific projects and facilitate collaborations among leading scientists working at the interfaces of different scientific disciplines to address unmet medical needs and improve the quality of personalized care.

Juffali said: “The Brain Forum falls within the framework of the W Science Initiative as well as those initiatives undertaken by the Saudi government to address national health priorities, including neurodegenerative diseases and brain disorders I believe the Kingdom will benefit greatly from the encounter between leading scientists and global experts who can challenge the future when coming together.”