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KFH’s National, Liberation Day Campaign Achieves Record – Economics & Business Channel
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KFH’s National, Liberation Day Campaign Achieves Record

the genuine nationalistic message of KFH on one of its main social media channels “YouTube”

Kuwait Finance House KFH’s National, Liberation Days advertising campaign that has been launched as part of the bank’s firm belief in the importance of its social and national role in Kuwait’s history and future, achieved a record-breaking viewership in its social media channels broadcast after only 6days of going on air. The number of several hundred thousand views is the highest ever out of any KFH campaign in less than a week, as a record breaker towards the genuine nationalistic message of KFH on one of its main social media channels “YouTube”

Breaking Viewership on YouTube

With a campaign of this magnitude due to its utilization of integrated media, KFH ensured the campaign’s success with an authentic and genuine message which reflects the bank core values, its identity and commitment towards Kuwait and its community.

Conferring the joy of freedom atmosphere on Kuwait

This distinct advertising campaign was launched in tandem with the occasion of National and Liberation Days anniversary. It aims at conferring the joy of freedom atmosphere on Kuwait. The advertisement of the campaign incorporates children’s non-staged authentic spontaneity in spreading joy and renewing loyalty to Kuwait, emphasizing the cohesion of the Kuwaiti national fabric, and fostering the national integration.

55th National Day and 25th Liberation Day

The lyrics of the advertisement are adorned with love and loyalty meanings. In the video, children celebrate in an authentic way and feel the enormous happiness of the occasion of the 55th National Day and 25th Liberation Day. No rehearsal or staged scenes were used as children express themselves naturally with great simplicity, spontaneity and admiration where the lyrics narrate “This is our beloved Kuwait … See it through our eyes … Our home, the most precious of all homes”. This reflects the national values and principles which are kindness, generosity, security, tranquility, love and peace.

It is noteworthy that this National and Liberation Days communication campaign conveys a joyful message of happiness in the key public locations, blended with little moments of smiley faces and Kuwait’s flags hoisting to mark this anniversary. The campaign embodies people’s love to Kuwait through the simplicity and innocence of children to draw a smile and spread joy amongst all.

KFH is keen on embracing its social responsibility, while participating in every event of importance to the society, primarily the national events. This affirms KFH’s prestigious status and underlines its ceaseless efforts in shouldering the social responsibility in all its fields. This will motivate other private sector institutions to follow suit.

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