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KFH wins Innovative Advertising Award for its Ramadan Ad – Economics & Business Channel
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KFH wins Innovative Advertising Award for its Ramadan Ad

Kuwait Finance House (KFH) won Kuwait’s award on the impact category, for Innovative Advertising for its television advertisement “I am Your Home” that was broadcasted in Kuwait TV and other Arab channels during the 2015 Holy Month of Ramadan.  The KFH award comes to crown its achievements, which embodies a unique and distinctive innovative concept in global Islamic banking and the advertising industry, as well.

The honoring and award ceremony was held at the Crowne Plaza hotel on Wednesday, December 9, 2015, under the auspices of Minister Of Information and State Minister for Youth Affairs, Shaikh Salman Sabah Al-Salem Al-Homoud Al-Sabah in the presence of our colleagues and major advertising companies and other establishments participating in the competition.

On behalf of KFH, Executive Manager of Corporate Communications and Branding, Salma Al-Ayoubi, and Head of the Creative and Production Team, Meshari Al-Muhaini, received the award, which highlights their efforts to execute this distinctive and professional TV ad in the best manner possible with a powerful impact compared to ads for other internationally renowned organizations.

The ad’s concept sheds light on the value of humanity, and individual relationships with their family, friends and the society, in general. The theme of the campaign reflects the principle of containing someone and supreme humanitarian values… “Each of us has a home that embraces you.” The campaign concept, “I’m your home”, also emphasizes the spirit of sharing and compassion with others around us, either at work, home and or everywhere in our live.

The meaning of embracing someone manifests the spirit of kindness and compassion, hence the theme, “I’m your home”, addresses various segments of the society by shedding light on the principles of goodwill and participation that prevail in this Holy Month. The theme reflects our Islamic identity and mission towards the society to strengthen ties amongst various groups.

The ad’s theme “I’m your home” emanates from KFH’s endeavor to strengthen bestowal, correlation and unity amongst members of the community, and boost the level of communication, interaction and participation. It reaffirms KFH’s innovative breakthrough to its advertising language under the goal of reinforcing KFH unique DNA and values: strengthen the bonds of interdependence and solidarity among society members.