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KFH Participates in NUKS-USA Branch Headquarter Opening Ceremony

KFH Participates in NUKS-USA Branch Headquarter Opening Ceremony

Kuwait, August 11th, 2014: Kuwait Finance House (KFH) participated in the opening ceremony of the new headquarter of the National Union of Kuwait Student-USA branch as part of its social responsibility and its continued support to the union’s various activities.

KFH contributed, during the opening ceremony, by providing scholarship students with significant information about educational systems applied in USA, the most prominent universities and an overview of the USA economy. KFH urged students to optimally utilize their capabilities and translate it into practical steps that contribute to achieving comprehensive development and prosperity in the country as students are the key pillars in the development process.

It is worth noting that KFH, NUKS’ Strategic Partner, continues supporting youths and empowering them to achieve their goals. In addition, KFH reinforces society linkages and opens the gate for new horizons towards more success and innovation.

Meanwhile, the students commended KFH and applauded its role in providing students and the youth segment in general with all kinds of encouragement and support that caters to their aspirations and meets their needs.