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KFH demonstrates its products at GUST – Economics & Business Channel
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KFH demonstrates its products at GUST

Kuwait Finance House (KFH) demonstrated its products and services at Gulf University for Science and Technology GUST as part of its efforts to educate students on KFH’s comprehensive vision in Islamic banking, its products and services.

A specialized team from the Direct Sales Unit was available at KFH booth. The team provided students with sufficient information about the products and services, not to mention replied to their queries and listened to their suggestions.

KFH is keen on marketing its financial products such as bank accounts, deposits, financing products, banking cards, investment plans in addition to the discounts and offers granted to KFH clients.

Moreover, KFH aims at reaching clients and becoming closer to them in places outside the scope of branches especially that KFH enjoys wide client base which prompts it to cater for their aspirations and cope with the latest banking developments and face the fierce competition in the local market.