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KFH Concludes its Diabetes Campaign – Economics & Business Channel
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KFH Concludes its Diabetes Campaign

Kuwait Finance House KFH has concluded its diabetes campaign commenced in tandem with the World Diabetes Day in collaboration with Dasman Diabetes Institute. The campaign encompassed a plethora of activities, awareness programs, seminars and medical consultations as part of the bank’s social responsibility and commitment to raise awareness about the importance of health. 

KFH organized an open day attended by a galaxy of doctors, specialists and experts not to mention Al-Salam Hospital where hundreds of people benefited from the promotions, consultations and seminars offered during this day.

The campaign also included recording 9 awareness videos with 5 specialists in Diabetes from Al-Ameri Hospital in addition to Dr. Ahmed Lairi from Rijeemy Center. The videos were posted on KFH accounts in social media channels so that they contribute to further spread awareness about diabetes.

Moreover, KFH organized Staff Checkup event in cooperation with Al-Salam Hospital and Diet Care. The event was held at bank’s headquarters. It allowed the employees to undergo examinations, and receive medical consultations about this disease and its symptoms and ways of prevention.

It is worth noting that KFH is considered to be the first Islamic institution worldwide to ink an international agreement with IDF to serve millions of diabetic patients. In addition, KFH has sent during the past years a number of scholarships to international medical centers, such as Harvard University to be introduced to the recent developments and advances in diabetes treatment.