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KFH-Bahrain concludes its annual summer training programme

Kuwait Finance House – Bahrain during the summer period welcomed a number of students from various universities to its Annual Summer Training Programme held during the months of July and August.

Thirty two trainees were selected and allocated to the Bank’s various departments, where they were given the opportunity to receive hands-on training and familiarised themselves to the work environment, according to a press release.

Abdulhakeem Alkhayyat, MD & CEO of KFH-Bahrain said, “We are pleased as part of the Islamic financial institutions in Bahrain to contribute to the training and preparation of future leaders through this special program that includes the most important aspects of practical knowledge related to Islamic finance industry. The annual programme offers students a unique opportunity to gain practical experience and skills. Over 325 trainees have received practical training at KFH-Bahrain, since the Bank’s inception in 2002, which includes summer as well as other vocational training engagements. We are confident that with the conclusion of this programme, the students will have a mixed experience of practical training and knowledge that will prove to be useful in their future careers.”

Further, a closing ceremony was held at the Bank’s headquarters, on 29th August 2013, where the trainees were given the opportunity to share their experiences and discuss the various skills and knowledge acquired during the two-month program.

Khalid Rafea, Executive Manager and Head of Banking Group at KFH-Bahrain commented, “It is a pleasure to assist in the training of Bahraini youth and help to prepare them in entering the job market after their graduation. We were pleased to welcome the 32 trainees for this summer programme from eight local and international universities; who have gained a closer look on the Islamic finance industry. The Summer Training Programme 2013, was the ninth consecutive summer training programme since its initiation in 2005 and I am pleased to think that the Bank has contributed towards providing practical experience over the years to-date.”

The aim over the two month duration was to prepare the trainees for joining today’s competitive labour market and to equip them with the skills and knowledge needed for succeeding in the workplace.