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Istanbul Finance Summit to be held in September 2015

Istanbul Finance Summit which has become an international event is planned to be held for the 6th time in İstanbul in September 2015. IFS will again host some of the most important figures of  global economy and finance from North America, Europe, the Gulf Region and East Asia.

The summit will bring together decision makers, bankers, corporate financiers, regulators and many important figures in global terms from economy and finance sectors.

With the main theme “Innovative Finance” and with its rich content and intense exchange of views, IFS’14 hosted 45 speakers from 10 countries. 1052 participants from 35 countries attend the summit. IFS’14 was broadcasted by 213 media institutions from 27 countries on 65 tv channels, and in 97 national and international newspapers with 275 news report. The summit was viewed on 819 different web pages. All the year around, more than 130,000 users visited IFS’14 web site.

This year’s main theme is Navigating Through the Global Low Growth and Low Interest Rate Environment with topics such as Financial Stability, Effective Regulation and Monetary Policy, Payment Systems Including Mobile Payment Systems, Financing Development and Infrastructure, Capital Markets & Investment Banking and Financial Centers.

Istanbul Finance Summit is a prestigious event in which the world’s economic and financial problems are discussed in detail.

To get more information and to register please check the official website of the event.