Have you ever been asked by hundreds of college students: How can I write my essay? The conventional answer from admissions officers and college is generally a careful,”We will see.” Many students are always surprised by this response, and often times pupils are frustrated that their essays do not match up to the expectations of their entry officers. It is important to remember that these same students may have great writing skills, but they may not be good essay writers.

If you are confronted with this situation and you have excellent academic qualifications, but you need low grades, don’t despair! Many times students feel that a little under sunlight, because they do not understand how to maximize their grades. It’s important to keep in mind that while your essays could be different than the student next to you, your professors are doing the vast majority of the grading to your academic life. Writing your personal essays is a skill which may be learned, however; once you have mastered the procedure, your grades will start to reflect your hard work. As I’ve written previously, most professors need my essays to be graded by somebody other than myself.

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