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GWI: Daily time spent on the mobile web has jumped to 2.01 hours in 2015

Global Web Index’s annual Digital vs Traditional Media Consumption report has been released. Analyzing time devoted to online and traditional forms of media consumption at a global level, the report indicates the changes of the media consumption behaviors.

Conducted by interviews with 200,000 internet users across 34 markets, the report also shows the differences between age groups and across the countries.

According to GWI’s annual Digital vs Traditional Media report for Q3 2015:

  • Daily time spent on the mobile web has jumped from 1.24 in 2012 to 2.01 hours in 2015, with the share of internet time captured by smartphones rising from 22% to 33%.
  • By some distance, 16-24s are the heaviest daily users of the mobile web, clocking up 3.25 hours. That compares to a much more modest 0.58 hours among 55-64s – the only age group where time spent on PCs and laptops is holding steady. 
  • Across 31 markets where trended data from 2012 onwards is available, daily time spent on linear TV has declined in 26 of them, broadcast radio is down in 23 countries and physical print press has dipped in 10 of them. Meanwhile, online TV has recorded increases in 28 of 31 countries, online radio is up in 20 markets and online press has risen in 26 places.
  • Among the specific online media activities, online TV has seen the biggest jump – from 0.58 to 0.74 hours – but the daily average has passed the 1-hour mark among 16-24s as well as in Saudi Arabia, China, Vietnam and Thailand.