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German CEO sees rebound in Turkish tourism sector – Economics & Business Channel
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German CEO sees rebound in Turkish tourism sector

The attractiveness of Turkey rebounded especially for European tourists in 2018, the CEO of Turkish-German carrier SunExpress says.

“We clearly see that there is a big rebound in Turkish tourism and the attractiveness of Turkey, especially in the eyes of European tourists is clearly coming up and very strong again,” Jens Bischof told Anadolu Agency.

He added that the number of passengers the company carried to [the southern holiday resort city of] Antalya rose 30-35 percent year-on-year in the first half of 2018.

“So 2017 was the record year [for SunExpress] and 2018 is going even better,” he said. “And also if we look into the early stages of tourism in 2019, so my prospects are very positive for the upcoming period.”

Recalling that 2016/2017 was a challenging year for the Turkish tourism sector, Bischof said the company had full confidence in not only the development but also in the recovery of the sector.

“Despite all the uncertainties and challenges, 2017 was a record breakout year for SunExpress,” he noted.

The company carried 8.8 million passengers last year, the majority of whom traveled to Turkey’s touristic destinations, Bischof said.