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Free upgrade provided by Menatelecom

Free upgrade provided by Menatelecom

Menatelecom, an investment subsidiary of Kuwait Finance House-Bahrain, is offering free upgrades to its WiMAX customers.

Starting yesterday, all WiMAX customers started getting additional download allocations ranging between 2GB up to 40GB per month at no extra cost.

This is an increase of up to 250 per cent for some packages, effectively making Menatelecom’s WiMAX packages the most competitive in the market.

Customers can take advantage of the new GBs to surf more, download more and enjoy more of everything online.

Customers on 512K and 704K packages will get their speeds upgraded to 1Mb.

“Since 2008, Menatelecom’s WiMAX services have transformed the way customers connect to the Internet; adding greater convenience, higher speeds and lower costs,” a spokesman for Menatelecom said.

“These benefits continue to serve a significant portion of broadband subscribers in Bahrain and for those who have been with Menatelecom from the beginning.

“This new offering is in appreciation of the loyalty and the trust that they have demonstrated as making Menatelecom their provider of choice.”