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Which Stars names come from an Arabic origin? – Economics & Business Channel
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Which Stars names come from an Arabic origin?

نجوم السماء

Astronomy grew up like other Islamic sciences by absorbing foreign materials and the integration of disparate elements of that material to create a balance suit to the characteristics of Islam. This consisted of foreign material in the work of the Sassanids and Aphelinid and Indians that have been translated and compiled together. A large number of Islamic astronomical literature remained steadfast until now about 10,000 manuscript in the world and many of them did not read or classify Nevertheless, you can see the influence of Islam activism in astronomy. In Europe, during the Middle Ages and Renaissance, improperly copied many of the old names of the stars, or translation by different books, and some of them did not know the Arabic language well. As a result, it could be the star complex or distorted name.

A list of the famous Stars with an Arabic name origin

First words for Latin names and the next for Arabic.

Aldebaran > Ad-Dabaran

Algol > Ra’s Al-Ghu

Alnilam > An-Nizam

Altair > An-nasr At-tair (Bird)

Betelgeuse > Yad el-Cauza

Deneb > Dhanab ad-Dajaja

Formalhaut > Fam al-Hut

Menkar > Al-Minkhar

Mizar > Mizar

Rigel > Rigl el-Gabbar

Alpha > Leporis–Arneb (Rabbit)

Altais > Delta Arietis (Goat)

Thuban > Alpha Draconis (Snake)

Beta Orionis > Algbar (Giant)

Arcturus > Alpha Booti (Heaven Guard)

Psi Draconis > Diziban (Wolfs)

Beta Leonis > Denebola (Lion)

Beta Persi > Algol (Ghoul)

Erakis > Mu Cephi

Matar > Eta pegasi (Rain)

Beta Aquari > Sadalsuud

Kappa Orionis > Saiph (Sword)

Lambda Scorpii > Shaula (Scorpion)