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Borsa Istanbul elected as “Turkey’s Most Successful Institution in Economy”

Borsa Istanbul was elected as “Turkey’s Most Successful Institution in Economy” in the “Most Successful Institutions of 2015 Research” conducted by Akademetre. Borsa Istanbul stands out with the BISTECH project and EBRD partnership realized in 2015 while leading İstanbul to become a regional and global leader.

Borsa Istanbul carries out successful activities within the scope of the vision to make Istanbul one of the largest financial centers of its region and the world. Such success has been recognized by the “Most Successful Institutions of 2015 Research” conducted by Akademetre, with Borsa Istanbul being elected as “Turkey’s Most Successful Institution in Economy”. The research determines the influential persons, events, institutions and developments in Turkey in the eyes of the Turkish people. The research found Borsa Istanbul to be the most successful institution the field of economy in 2015.

Celebrating its 142nd anniversary in 2015, Borsa Istanbul was highly talked about thanks to the projects it realized. With BISTECH project, completed late in 2015 as a result of the cooperation with Nasdaq, an important step towards making Istanbul a leading financial center of the region and the world was taken. Endeavoring to make Turkey a technology-producing country rather than a technology-using one, Borsa İstanbul also entered into cooperation with Boğaziçi University and Istanbul Technical University for the BISTECH project.

Another important step that Borsa Istanbul took with regard to the Turkish economy and financial markets in 2015 was the strategic partnership with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). This partnership represents a significant leap for the conversion of the Turkish economy and is expected to make Borsa Istanbul more active in the Middle East and the Balkans.

Within the scope of the research conducted by Akademetre, the participants were inquired about the developments in the world and in Turkey during the year, imperative events of the year, persons, institutions and organizations successful in their fields, technological developments and political and economic developments.

The research was conducted in 12 cities including Istanbul, Ankara, Erzurum and Trabzon.