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7 small business opportunities in Dubai

Starting a small business begins with good ideas; a good idea may turn into a good business with a little effort in a short period of time. Dubai is one of the cities that booming with small business opportunities for investors from all around the world. We listed top small business opportunities in Dubai.

1. Trading
Dubai is a hub for traders from all around the world. One of the major source of income, trading is one of the booming small business opportunities in Dubai. Investors may import or export products on an extended scale from textiles and clothes to dried fruits and jewellery.

2. Childcare & Entertainment Facilities
Majority of the population in Dubai are working professionals. Mostly both husband and wife are working and need childcare facilities. Many families turn their kids to kindergartens or preschools. Party or activity houses for kids on every age are also needed. You may come up with an idea on childcare or entertainment facilities for your new investment in Dubai.

3. Business Franchises
Since there is a large expat population, business franchising is last few year’s one of the favourite business opportunities. For example a business franchise in the fast food industry might be a good idea to begin with.

4. Tourism
Dubai is one of the major tourist destinations with millions of tourists flowing annually. Population is dense with expats from all around the world. This makes Dubai the right place to start up a tourism related business such as a travel agency.

5. Specialty Schools
As we mentioned before, Dubai is packed with expats from all around the world. Expat children and adults need specialty schools. From language school to cookery classes, any specialty school might be a business opportunity to consider.

6. Job Agencies
With a fast growing economy, a lot of skilled employees are needed to keep industries in various sectors going. From accountants to IT experts, nurses to engineers, Dubai is searching for qualified and skilled employees. You can contribute the business world by forming your own job agency and have your own small business at the same time.

7.Jewelry Making and Retailing
Known as Mecca of Gold and packed with diamonds and other precious stones, Dubai is one of the best places to open up a jewellery shop either as a jewelry maker or a merchant.