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5 must visit places in Kuwait

Kuwait is a unique part of the world with deep rooted history. The ancient culture stands alongside modern day developments. With its colourful and cosmopolitan daily life, there is something for every visitor. There are so much things to see and to do but we listed the most important ones.


Kuwait Towers
The Kuwait Towers are the symbol on almost everything in the state, from currency notes to the banners.  Built by the Yugoslavs and opened in 1979, these towers are a sight to see. There is a rotating viewing platform in the first tower which you can enjoy the view of the entire city. The observation deck at the top of the tower is not to be missed. The towers are illuminated at nights and become and attraction to bigger crowds.


National Museum
Located at the Gulf Street, next to National Assembly, the National Museum is open for history enthusiasts. You can explore the long heritage of Kuwait and see the pieces saved from destruction during the Iraqi invasion of 1990.


Sadu House and Bayt Al-Badr
Located right next to the National Museum you can see Bayt-Al-Badr, one of the few houses built in old Kuwaiti architecture that still stands to this day.  Also next to National Museum is Sadu House, capturing the essence of the Bedouin’s life. Used as a cultural museum to promote Bedouin arts and crafts, Sadu House is the ideal place to buy Bedouin-made goods.

falakiaislandImage: Ryan Peter

Failaka Island
Inhabited as early as the Stone Age and named ‘Ikarius’ by the Greeks, Failaka Island is a must visit location. Used to be an ancient trading port, the island also hosts a Greek temple and other archaeological sites.

The malls
Kuwait City is packed with malls. You could choose from the western-style Souk Sharq (Kuwait City) and Marina Mall (Salmia) or the newer The Avenues, the largest in Kuwait and with a number of restaurants offering local cuisine.  If you don’t prefer malls and want to shop you could shop at the traditional Souk Al Mubarakiya market and pick up a good bargain on Middle Eastern items.