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15 must do things in Istanbul

The most-populous city of Turkey, serving as the place of residence of over 18% of the county’s inhabitants, Istanbul is a transcontinental city in Europe and Asia, located between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara in northwestern Turkey. With a past back to at leat 8500 years, Istanbul hosts many different cultures and civilisations as well as people from various races, cultures and languages throughout the ages. Always has preserved its cosmopolitan feel, Istanbul is one of the top tourism destinations of the world.

The city has many things to offer to the visitors, we listed 15 must do things in Istanbul.

1. Take a look at Istanbul from the top of historic Galata Tower to have a bird’s eye view of this beautiful city.

2. Spend a day in historical peninsula and pay a visit to Sultanahmet Mosque, Hagia Sophia Museum, Turkish Islamic Art Museum and many more.

3. End the day at the historical peninsula by eating meatballs in Sultanahmet Square.

4. Have a glimpse of Ottoman life and culture by paying a visit to Topkapı Palace.

5. Take a ferry to cross the other side, have a tea on the way and feed seagulls with Turkish bagels, simit.
6. Visit Ortaköy, a lovely neighbourhood by the Bosphorus, take a walk in the narrow streets and the market. Eat the famous kumpir, the baked jacket potatoes.

7. Reserve a day for Spice Bazaar and Grand Bazaar. Walk around the colourful markets, taste and smell spices, do some shopping. End the day eating beans in historic restaurants at Suleymaniye.

8. Take a ferry and leave the crowds of Istanbul behind at one of the Prince Islands. Go to Büyükada to enjoy the beautiful architecture, nature and views.

9. Have a Turkish coffee at Pierre Loti coffee shop located at the top of Pierre Loti Hill to have a great view of the Golden Horn.

10. Take a walk on the Istiklal Avenue to do some shopping, eat delicious food from all around the world, see the art galleries or enjoy a drink while having a glimpse on daily life.

11. Enjoy the diverse street food. Eat a fish sandwich in Eminonu.

12. Visit Miniatürk to see models of 1/25 scales of selected works of Turkish and Ottoman geographies and discover more about Turkey.

13. Visit the Emirgan Forest and watch the sun set.

14. Take part in the Eurasian Marathon that held in every November and have a chance to cross the Bosphorus Bridge on foot.

15. Visit Dolmabahce Palace to have an insight of Ottoman Empire and the early years of the republic.